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KJ is an eighteen year old sports fanatic. He lives in Pittsburgh, PA, but is attending John Carroll University near Cleveland this fall. KJ considers himself the smartest and funniest person you would ever meet, but many disagree. Following sports is an old habit, like breathing. Upon the age of four years old, he was more sports literate than many adults and could name the entire roster of the Pittsburgh Pirates. That’s right, he is quite the prodigy. Now he spends his time watching the news, following sports, playing cards, and is constantly reading. KJ feels a strong sense of duty to speak his mind and give you, the fan, the most insightful and unique perspective in the history of sports.


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Al C. (aka user name “stabbedbyfoulke”) is the funniest, smartest, best looking individual to grace the surface of this mass of land and water known as Earth. His very existence is proof that there is a God, and that He is good. While primarily a Boston Red Sox fan, Al’s area of expertise is the NFL. His vast sports knowledge extends to both professional and collegiate football and basketball, as well as MLB.

Currently enrolled in Northeastern University’s Honors College, Al enjoys watching the Sox, being extremely witty, dropping 100 on people in Madden, playing cards and making it rain.


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Give Blood. Play Hockey. Jay played inline hockey at Central Catholic High School. Jay loves the NHL, college hockey, and college football. He is a student at THE Ohio State University.

Al's College Football Pick

By: Al
(Note: In Reponse to Jay's predictions) g

You can’t post college football predictions without having opposing viewpoints, so here goes.

Big East Champion- West Virginia

They get the edge over Louisville based on the fact that Louisville will play in West Virginia this year and that Louisville has to travel to NC State and also has to face Andre Woodson and a talented Kentucky team on the road, while WVU’s toughest road games are South Florida and Ray Rice and Co. Expect uber-prospect Noel Devine to turn some heads spelling Slaton and being used creatively in Rich Rodriguez’s offense.

Big Ten Champion- Michigan

I wanted to pick Wisconsin here. Michigan is going to have it’s hands full playing in the Badgers house, but they are extremely talented, particularly at the skill positions. Henne/Hart/Manningham is arguably the best QB/RB/WR trio in college football right now. If they can get past Wisconsin they have Ohio State and Penn State at home. Notre Dame could spoil the Wolverines NC bid.

SEC Champion-LSU

It’s a tough pick to make coming from a Spurrier-era Gators fan, but LSU will win the SEC this year. Florida will play Auburn in the swamp and then go on a three game road trip to LSU, Kentucky and Georgia. LSU gets the edge on a much friendlier schedule. Look for Percy Harvin from Florida to be a Heisman dark horse if he can stay healthy. He may be the most explosive player in the country.

ACC Champion- Clemson

Virginia Tech is a sexy pick here- there’s the whole feel good story after the tragic shootings, but James Davis and CJ Spiller will be too much for the Hokies to handle on the road. If the Tigers can beat the Criminoles in their first game, look for Clemson to win the ACC.

Big 12 Champion- Texas

Remember when I said Michigan’s trio was arguably the best in college football? The reason for that adjective is Colt McCoy, Jamaal Charles and Limas Sweed. Everyone knows that McCoy had one of the greatest seasons in recent history for a freshman QB last season, but Sweed and Charles are a bit less well known. Sweed flourished with McCoy at the helm last season, hauling in 12 TDs. His 6'5? frame makes him an intimidating figure, and his production has increased each year. Charles may be the least known of the three, but he has arguably the highest upside. This physical freak of nature runs a 4.2 40, benches 300 pounds and squats 400. As a true freshman he piled up 878 yards and 11 touchdowns with a whopping 7.4 yards per carry. His production declined last season as he was busy focusing on track, where he placed 5th in the NCAA 100 yard dash. Unfortunately for Oklahoma and the rest of the Big 12, Jamaal has chosen to forgo track and focus on football this season.

Pac 10 Champion- USC

No comment necessary.

National Championship- USC over Texas


Kentucky- Andre Woodson is one of the most talented players in the country and could be the first QB selected overall in the 2008 NFL Draft.

Ohio State- The Buckeyes could knock off Wisconsin at home, and anything can happen in a Michigan vs Ohio State game. Lloyd Carr’s 1-6 record against Jim “Sweater Vest” Tressel doesn’t help. The fact that they’re almost the consensus 3rd team in the Big Ten should scare people.

Hawaii- They may have the hardest offense to stop in all of college football.

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