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KJ is an eighteen year old sports fanatic. He lives in Pittsburgh, PA, but is attending John Carroll University near Cleveland this fall. KJ considers himself the smartest and funniest person you would ever meet, but many disagree. Following sports is an old habit, like breathing. Upon the age of four years old, he was more sports literate than many adults and could name the entire roster of the Pittsburgh Pirates. That’s right, he is quite the prodigy. Now he spends his time watching the news, following sports, playing cards, and is constantly reading. KJ feels a strong sense of duty to speak his mind and give you, the fan, the most insightful and unique perspective in the history of sports.


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Al C. (aka user name “stabbedbyfoulke”) is the funniest, smartest, best looking individual to grace the surface of this mass of land and water known as Earth. His very existence is proof that there is a God, and that He is good. While primarily a Boston Red Sox fan, Al’s area of expertise is the NFL. His vast sports knowledge extends to both professional and collegiate football and basketball, as well as MLB.

Currently enrolled in Northeastern University’s Honors College, Al enjoys watching the Sox, being extremely witty, dropping 100 on people in Madden, playing cards and making it rain.


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Give Blood. Play Hockey. Jay played inline hockey at Central Catholic High School. Jay loves the NHL, college hockey, and college football. He is a student at THE Ohio State University.

The Staal Family: The Next Sutters

By: Jay

Jordan Staal, the 18 year old Center for the Pittsburgh Penguins, is my favorite Pens player, other than “God on Ice” Crosby and Mario Lemieux. Jordan was drafted second overall in the 2006 Entry Draft. The Staal family is the new Sutters of the NHL. The oldest, Eric plays for the Carolina Hurricanes and is on the cover of NHL ‘08. Marc, 20, is the Captain of the Sudbury Wolves and was drafted by the NY Rangers 12th overall, in 2005. Marc is a defenseman. The youngest Staal, Jared, is 17 and will play with Marc in Sudbury, in the Ontario Hockey League.

Recently, Jordan and Eric have gotten into some “trouble” at Eric’s Staal’s bachelor party. The boys were a little too loud and drunk at a Resort in Minnesota and got arrested along with 12 other party members. Ten of the 14 at the party have accepted the plea bargain offered by the Cook County Court, in Marais, Minnesota. Jordan is waiting for Eric to come back from his honeymoon. They will then decide what to do, with the help of their agent Paul Krepelka.

Jordan Staal faces underage drinking charges, as well as the other disorderly conduct charges. However, Jordan is of legal age to drink in his native Canada. So, who really cares! He is a great NHL player, but he is still an 18 year old. Let boys be boys. He finished with 42 points in his rookie season with the Pens. The Staal family will survive this “incident” and will continue to dominate the NHL for the next twenty years like the six Sutter brothers did in the 70s and 80s. The Staal name will be implanted in hockey fans memory.

Jordan Staal will be even better in his sophomore year. He will help the Penguins dominate the NHL. Eric Staal will continue to lead the ‘Canes with the help of Eric Cole, Marc and Jared will be a tandem force to be reckoned with in the OHL.

Staal Family welcome to Hockey Greatness.

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