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Where Do the Giants Rank?

February 4, 2008
By: KJ

Prior to Sunday's game, the border line felatio of the 2007 New England Patriots was nearly intolerable. I, as the timid observer, must admit that this years Pats were an excellent team and likely the best team this year. However, I found that all the talk of the place of the rabble of muggers, thuggers and thieves all time to be sickening. However, as I searched my brain to answer this quandry, I found that all my reasons were selfish and rooted in my abhorence for the Patriots.

Let's break it down. The offense led by Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady, managed to break almost all the pertinent offensive team records. To begin, they scored the most points of any offense in NFL history, averaging 36.8 per game. The 2007 Pats also led the league in total yards by over 40 yards a game and passing yards by nearly 25. Lesser stats also go to prove the dominance of the Brady Bunch. They led in first downs per game, and were in the top 3 in Time of Possession, 3rd and 4th Down percentage and turnover margin. Brady and Moss set records for touchdowns, and Wes Welker led the league in receptions. The one part not mentioned here is the running game which was well above average. While traditional indicators may not accurately assess the competency of the New England ground game, ranking them 13th in rushing yards per game, Football Outsiders puts them first in their Defense Value Adjusted over Average (DVOA) statistic, which measures the effectiveness per play comparable to average.

The Defense on the other hand, I believe to be shaky, to say the least. The great stregth of the the Patriots Defense is its front seven in their defensive scheme. While ranking in the top five in both yards and points allowed they are hardly the juggernaught that was the '85 Bears, '00 Ravens, or even the '03 Bucs.

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